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Inherit The Wind Blu-ray Review


“Inherit The Wind” is one of the best courtroom dramas.

Based on the play of the same name, 1960’s “Inherit The Wind” is a dramatization of the 1925 Scopes trial (names have been changed for the film). For those not aware of the case, the trial revolved a teacher (Bertram T. Cates) who illegally taught Darwinism in school in a small Bible worshipping town named Hillsboro. With the help of a cynical Baltimore Herald writer (E.K. Hornbeck), attorney Henry Drummond ends up defending Bertram while the deeply religious Matthew Brady is hired as the prosecutor. ‘Wind’ also has a key subplot involving Bertram’s fiancé Rachel and her father (a Reverend).

When it comes to legal dramas, director Stanley Kramer’s “Inherit The Wind” is one of the best. Not only does it depict a significant case in history in an intense fashion, but the film has so much to say about religious intolerance, hatred, blind devotion, ignorance, and the media. Even though it was made in 1960, it’s rather astonishing how relevant and timely the movie’s themes are today.

Of course, “Inherit The Wind” wouldn’t be nearly as compelling without the cast comprised of Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Frederic March, Dick York and Harry Morgan. It doesn’t get much better than seeing March’s loud mouth Brady and Tracy’s thoughtful and Fiery Drummond confront one another on screen. Their scenes are absolutely dynamite together. Gene Kelly may be known for his musicals, but he wonderfully plays against type here as a wise cracking newspaper man. It’s a truly underrated performance I feel.


Presentation: 1.66:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect to see a crisp new B&W transfer.

Audio Track: Unspecified. How does it sound? Between the heated courtroom drama and the songs, this is an all around solid track.

Extras: * “Inherit The Wind,” “Judgment At Nuremberg,” “On The Beach,” “Not As A Stranger,” and “A Child Is Waiting” * A passionate commentary by film historian Jim Hemphill who really breaks down why this film is so important.

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