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Dragon Ball Super Volume 2 Manga Review


“Dragon Ball Super” ramps up the excitement in volume 2.

In the second volume of “Dragon Ball Super,” writer Akira Toriyama delivers more of what fans love to see from the Dragon Ball franchise- action, surprises and new characters. The tournament between universe 6 and 7 continues with Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo and Monaka (representing Universe 7) and Hit, Frost, Cabbe, and Otto Mageta (representing Universe 6) making up the teams. After the tournament concludes (I won’t reveal what happens), we jump to a story involving Future Trunks who is traveling back in time 17 years to the parallel world where Goku, young Trunks and the rest of the gang are. In Future Trunks time, we see that the future is grim (to say the least) and that a new foe is on the loose.

The second volume of “Dragon Ball Super” contains everything that makes this franchise so beloved after all of these years. There’s a thrilling fight filled tournament full of twists and turns, there are intriguing characters (including the mysterious fan favorite assassin Hit and The Lord of Everything), there’s time travel, and there’s the return of Future Trunks. In “Dragon Ball Z,” the Future Trunks arc was a personal favorite of mine so it was nice to see the character make a return. The presence of Future Trunks also opens up so many possibilities both in terms of storytelling and character. We now get to see a young Trunks and a Future Trunks interact with one another!

It should come as no shock that artist Toyotarou’s work is masterful once again. The characters are perfectly sketched, the action that is depicted is intense (you can practically hear the sound FX), and the environments (destroyed or otherwise) are incredibly detailed.

Note: The manga also includes a bonus story about Trunk’s future world and an interview with Toyotarou.

Overall Thoughts: “Dragon Ball Super” is already hitting its stride with volume 2. There’s so much that happens in these pages and it’s clear things will only become more compelling with future volumes.

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