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The Executioners DVD Review


“The Strangers” this is not

In “The Executioners,” 4 female pals spend the night at a remote mansion together. Their relaxation is cut short, however, when 3 men with painted faces break into the home. The men begin to torture the women and are recording their antics for an unknown person or persons. Can the women turn the tables on their torturers? What is really going on in this situation?

“The Executioners” is the type of indie horror movie that feels like it is built around having access to a nice location (in this case a seemingly isolated mansion). As a result, there’s very little to this script other than the standard horror film tropes ala nudity, violence, idiotic character actions that further endanger the characters, and a big twist (which makes little sense). Basically, it’s a very uninvolving and suspense free home invasion flick.

Cast wise, expect to see a bunch of virtual unknowns who can’t act well (the 3 home invaders stick out like a sore thumb). Admittedly, there is virtually zero characterization here so it’s hard to place any blame on them, but still, they don’t help the movie at all. About the only cast member who shows some gravitas and range here is Natalie Burn as Kay.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? As flawed as the film is, it looks solid visually.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? An adequate track.

Extras: Lionsgate film trailers.


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