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Batman And Mr. Freeze: SubZero Blu-ray Review


“Batman And Mr. Freeze: SubZero” delivers a solid Mr. Freeze story.

In 1997, many fans were understandably disappointed by the big screen version of Mr. Freeze in “Batman and Robin.” In 1998, Warner Bros. gave fans a proper Mr. Freeze in the animated direct-to-video release “Batman And Mr. Freeze: SubZero.” The film (which is an offshoot of the fantastic “Batman: The Animated Series”) finds a desperate Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze trying to save his dying wife Nora’s life. You see Nora needs an operation, but she is in need of a donor. With the help of a Doctor, Mr. Freeze finds a donor match- one Barbara Gordon (AKA Batgirl). Mr. Freeze ends up kidnapping Barbara to carry out this operation. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin are trying to find Barbara’s whereabouts and rescue her before anything happens to her.

In many comic book films, the villains are purely evil, but that’s not the case with Mr. Freeze in ‘SubZero.’ Even though he is doing bad things and making bad decisions, you understand why he is doing it. He’s a desperate man trying to save his wife. There’s a level of sympathy here. That’s why ‘SubZero’ is a compelling Batman animated movie. It’s not just another good vs. evil story. It’s a personal story with big stakes. It’s also intriguing in that Batman and Robin take a backseat here. Much of the movie is about Mr. Freeze’s life and Barbara Gordon’s dual life and eventual dire situation.

‘Subzero’ does have a few minor issues. Personally, I could do without the polar bear minions. It feels a little too much like the weird penguin minions in “Batman Returns” and is rather out of place here. Also, this film might have worked better as a two episode arc to tighten up the pacing and cut out some of the tedious Barbara trying to escape the clutches of Freeze scenes.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? Easily the best transfer of the film to date. The 3D animation really shines here as well.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 2.0 track offers up a nice clean audio track.

Extras: * “Batman And Mr. Freeze: SubZero” trailer * A 2 ½ minute “Art Of Batman: Music Montage” (a collection of stills essentially) * A quick how to called “Get The Picture: How To Draw Batman” * The best extras here are 2 episodes from “Batman: The Animated Series” titled “Heart of Ice” (one of the best of the entire series) and “Deep Freeze,” an episode from “The New Batman Adventures” called “Cold Comfort” and a “Batman Beyond” episode titled “Meltdown.” All of these episodes along with “Subzero” comprise the Mr. Freeze Saga.

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