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The Drowning Pool Blu-ray Review


“The Drowning Pool” is a top notch sequel.

Did you know there was a sequel to “Harper” that was released 9 years after the first film? Well, now you do. “The Drowning Pool” is that sequel and, in this outing, it sees P.I. Lew Harper heading to New Orleans where he becomes mixed up in a case involving police, the wealthy and shady Devereaux family, a former family chauffeur, a ruthless oil baron, and murder. How does everything tie together? I’m not telling you that!

While similar in story structure to “Harper,” “The Drowning Pool” doesn’t look or feel like its predecessor. Aside from Paul Newman, there are no returning characters here and, as mentioned above, the story takes place in New Orleans this time around. This fresh look and feel for the sequel turns out to be a blessing as I’d argue “The Drowning Pool” is a superior sequel.

As involving as “Harper” was, it was a flawed and sometimes dopey film that drug on far too long. ‘Pool’ is a much tighter and grittier movie which feels refreshing. While there are still moments of humor thanks to Newman’s wisecracking Lew Harper character, it never gets overly comedic here. It’s a much more traditional private eye story, but, more importantly, there’s a real sense of danger here. The flooded sanitarium sequence in particular is the most suspenseful segment out of both films in the series.

Cast wise, Paul Newman once again steals the show as the wiseass private eye who never gives up (even when things don’t go his way). There are some memorable supporting performances here as well such as a young Melanie Griffith (in a role similar to the one she had in “Night Moves”), Joanne Woodward as an old flame of Harper’s and Murray Hamilton as the villainous J.J. Kilbourne.


Presentation: 2.4:1 1080p. How does it look? This Blu-ray disc boasts a deeply impressive transfer. The colors really pop here.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? While solid, the track is a bit faint at times. Don’t be surprised if you have to crank up the sound during quieter moments.

Extras: “The Drowning Pool” trailer and an old school 11 minute featurette containing set footage, interviews, and story and character discussions titled “Harper Days Are Here Again.”

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