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Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight Issue 3 Comic Book Review


The third issue offers up more of the same.

Writer Jeremy Lambert’s “Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight” starts off with the Irk situation becoming a big ordeal. As if that weren’t enough, Horrorland continues to throw out more horrors to sisters Mia and Genie. However, the 2 may have discovered a way out…or have they?

As with the previous two issues, the writing is once again the weak link here in the final issue of this mini-series (at least I think it’s the last). Lambert’s story feels more like a theme park ride than an actual story as it’s designed in a way to throw out intense situations instead of focusing on character or even plot development. Basically, it feels rushed and not so well thought out.

On the plus side though, both artist Chris Fenoglio and colorist Brittany Peer continue to make the series worth a look thanks to their combined talents. Their colorful, vivid, and atmospheric interpretation of this Horrorland are far and away the best thing about this entire series. I’d really like to see these two paired up in other IDW series down the line as they really compliment one another.

Overall Thoughts: If you’re a “Goosebumps” devotee, “Monsters at Midnight” might be worth checking out for the art alone. Just don’t go expecting this to be on par with R.L. Stine’s thrilling “One Day At Horrorland” or any of his books for that matter.

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