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Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny- Rose And Paige Comic Book Review


The “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” comic book mini-series closes out with “Rose and Paige.”

Writer Delilah S. Dawson once again returns to the “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” comic book series with the fifth of five planned one-shot comics. In this issue, the story is set on the D’Qar Resistance Base and focuses on sisters Rose and Paige. Rose (a mechanic and inventor) is tasked with creating new vehicles for navigating the D’Qar jungle to find natural resources. While out scouting for resources with Paige, Paige gets in a heap of trouble and Rose has to rescue her on her own.

Since “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” didn’t dig into the dynamic between Rose and Paige, it’s nice to see their sisterly bond explored in this one-shot comic. Unfortunately, the story is a rather predictable and forgettable piece about doubt, optimism, trying, and never giving up. Are these good messages for the reader? Absolutely, but it seems like they overdo it with these themes when it comes to the character of Rose.

Of course, given that this is a comic aimed at a younger audience, there’s also some goofy lighthearted moments here particularly with the Squonk creatures (which look like ostriches). Personally, I could have done without these creatures, but they do have a point and purpose here.

Where the issue really comes alive is with the art by Nicoletta Baldari. The artist has a very unique and almost retro style that sometimes looks like a hand drawn Disney animated movie. It’s very stunning and is easily the best part of the entire comic.

Overall Thoughts: Even though the series itself was hit-and-miss, I do hope that the “Forces of Destiny” comic series continues down the line.

Note: The comic closes out with the usual “Star Wars” and IDW comic ads.

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