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Wonder Woman: Ambassador Of Truth Book Review


“Wonder Woman: Ambassador Of Truth” is a nice tribute to the 77 year old iconic character.

Written by Signe Bergstrom, “Wonder Woman: Ambassador Of Truth” is a Harper Design book that contains all manner of content. The book kicks off with a touching foreword by Lynda Carter about the legacy of the Wonder Woman character and then delves into a brief history of the character’s creation by Dr. William Moulton Marston as well as information about the character in the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern age of comic books.

After that, readers can expect to see a whirlwind of written and visual content about memorabilia, other main characters (namely Steve Trevor and Etta Candy), Wonder Woman mythology, powers, weapons, vehicles, costumes (in different incarnations and comics) and her secret identity, the immensely popular “Wonder Woman” TV series in the 70’s, the gamechanging 2017 “Wonder Woman” film the character’s presentation in different mediums, interviews with DC Comics publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee, costume designers Michael Wilkinson and Lindy Hemming, interviews with “Wonder Woman” film crew such as Gal Gadot, Zack Snyder, and Patty Jenkins, DC Comics artists Jill Thompson and Cliff Chiang, comic writers Greg Potter, Greg Rucka and Brian Azzarello (who did my personal favorite run of WW), factoids such as the first woman to draw WW for DC Comics (Ramona Fradon) and the fact that Gal Gadot was up for a role in “Quantum of Solace,” images of comic covers, film and TV stills, animated series stills, art pieces, comic panels, as well as pieces about how Wonder Woman is an inspirational female (and feminist) hero and what the character symbolizes and stands for. Last, but not least, the book also includes inserts and removeable goodies such as a B&W Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman” poster, a valentine card, bracelet stickers, a cartoon film cell, paper doll, and a wearable plastic tiara.

As you can tell from above, the book covers a lot of ground and breaks down the character’s long lasting impact and legacy. With that said, however, it does short change some things. If you’re expecting an in-depth book about the history of the comics, the characters in the comics, as well as the mighty foes the character faced, this isn’t the book for you. The character’s history and comic coverage presented here is condensed to say the least as author Signe Bergstrom tackles the character in other mediums and facets. To be fair though, there are other books that have already tackled the history of the character. Anyway, the content that is here is both respectful and poignant in that viewers really get a sense of just how important this landmark character is throughout so many decades of existence. It really puts the character and her place in history in perspective.

Visually, the book is also rewarding in that you get to pour over so many pieces of art from comics to animated series over the course of her 77 year history. The removeable inserts are also a nice touch and are sure to please fans that are into collecting WW merch.

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