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Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny- Ahsoka And Padme Comic Book Review


“Star Wars: Forces of Destiny- Ahsoka and Padme” is another winner.

Written by Beth Revis, “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny- Ahsoka and Padme” is the latest one-shot comic book release of this limited series. This is pretty much a tale of two stories. The first part finds Ahsoka training and sparring with Barriss Offee and the other part is an adaption of “The Imposter Inside” animated episode with Ahsoka being asked to protect Padme as she puts on a dinner party for the Arthurians (who are considering joining the Republic).

Unlike the “Rey” comic which was almost entirely adaptions of animated series episodes, “Ahsoka and Padme” contains a lot of new content. Yes, “The Imposter Inside” story is recycled here, but you also get more depth involving that story on top of the Barriss/Ahsoka story that starts out the comic. What surprised me the most about this particular issue is how introspective it is. While there are action elements to be sure, the issue largely finds Ahsoka questioning herself, her skills, and what it means to be a good Jedi. The story also dives into Ahsoka’s blossoming friendship with Padme and the deep trust between the two. To younger “Star Wars” fans, this may not sound exciting, but I appreciated the amount of characterization we got in a mere single issue.

Artist Valentina Pinto does a good job of replicating the look of the animated series here. It looks like it came straight off the screen at times. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

As per usual, the comic concludes with IDW and SW comic ads.

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