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Star Wars Adventures Issue 6 Comic Book Review


Issue 6 of “Star Wars Adventures” delivers more of the same.

“Star Wars Adventures” issue 6 kicks off with a Rose Tico centric story titled “Rose Knows” by writer Delilah S. Dawson (best known for penning “Phasma”). In this story, we find the mechanic Rose and her gunner sister Paige on board a new cruiser ship along with other members of the Resistance. The ever curious Rose begins reading up on the cruiser until a series of unfortunate circumstances occur. While Poe Dameron is out in the field in his X-Wing, he finds himself under attack. The back-up he needs is unable to come to his aid as the cruiser’s hangar bay doors are not opening. Guess who saves the day?

While the story captures the character of Rose well, the plot did not grab me. Most of the story is comprised of characters shouting things like “Hurry!” and “Open the doors!” Where the story really falters is with the depiction of Poe Dameron. I don’t think Dawson wrote him (or his humor well). The idea that Poe would panic over a couple of Tie Fighters seems absurd to me when we see him take out 10 plus in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with such ease.

As for Derek Charm’s art, it’s nothing to ride home about. Everything comes across as a bland caricature.

The second story is titled “Tales From Wild Space: Podracer’s Rescue.” Written by Shaun Manning, this tale finds Emil telling a story about young Anakin on Tatooine. It’s a very short and to the point story of Anakin being helpful and kind as he uses a part he needed for a pod racer to help fix a generator that Tatooine citizens needed. As a fan of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” I really enjoyed seeing a story set in this time period. I’m a sucker for Watto, pod racing, and even swoop racers!

The art by Chad Thomas here has a cutesy anime style, but it’s glossy and distinct and works for the story Manning is telling.

Finally, there’s “Dispatches From Wild Space” which has Emil answering another letter followed by a blurb about Sebulba.

The comic concludes with the usual IDW and “Star Wars” comic book ads.

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