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Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny- Hera Comic Book Review


“Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny- Hera” is the best title in this series yet.

After last week’s recycled Rey adventure, “Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny- Hera” gives readers another original story. Writer Devin Grayson steps into the world of “Star Wars Rebels” and gives us a Hera Syndulla centric tale which finds the beloved character visiting a small farming outpost with they hope they could be a potential supply line for the rebellion. Unfortunately, some Imperial goons got their first and forcing them to make supplies. With Hera’s experience and leadership, however, she may not only inspire and possibly save the outpost people, but also get rid of the Imperials that are causing problems.

The one-shot comic “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny- Hera” is everything this series should be. It’s an original SW universe tale, it showcases the titular character, and, above all, it has something to say to readers young and old. This particular story is a strong one that really shows what being part of the rebellion means. At the same time, the issue is also giving the character of Hera a chance to shine by showing just how skilled and intelligent of a leader and rebel she really is. By issue’s end, I felt like joining the rebellion it was that inspiring!

The art here by Eva Widermann really fits in with the “Star Wars Rebels” animation style while also being its own thing at the same time. I was particularly fond of how Widermann drew the characters as everyone that we have seen before looked exactly like their counterparts in other mediums.

As per usual, the issue ends with “Star Wars” and IDW ads.

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