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Doc Martin Series 8 Blu-ray Review

Doc Martin

Series 8 delivers more of the same.

The hit British drama series about the grouchy Doctor with lousy bedside manner returns for an 8 episode eighth series. After the future of Louisa and Martin’s relationship appeared uncertain by the end of series 7, we find that the two are living together again in series 8. Are things going well between the two? Well, that would be telling. In this season/series, viewers can expect to find plotlines about Louisa and Martin’s baby James, Louisa’s busy life, Joe and Janice’s potential wedding, Louisa considering a career in child therapy, Bert, Ruth, Mrs. Tishell and her pharmacy, an ill curate named Rosie, a pub, Morwenna’s parents, a thief, whisky, Martin treating patients, Morwenna and Al’s relationship, a rowing contest, a character return, a dog and Martin’s career in jeopardy.

If you’ve stuck with this series this long, you pretty much know what to expect by now. It’s very much a comfort series for fans at this point. It’s a procedural mixed with a small town drama with a fish out of water element that is slowly fading away as Martin becomes a local more and more. It’s an ensemble series about a community and, truth be told, the characters are the appeal. Storywise, it’s a bit light in the plot department. There’s nothing truly earth shattering here dramatically and, in fact, it could have used a bit more drama. The series needed something more to shake things up I think as it kind of feels like it’s going through the motions at times. Basically, it felt like business as usual for “Doc Martin.”

On the plus side, the cast is once again the highlight here. Martin Clunes as the titular character, Caroline Catz as Louisa, and the always entertaining Ian McNeice continue to be the top draws. The chemistry between Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz was especially noteworthy here as the characters relationship continues to evolve.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? An overall strong transfer. The exteriors are particularly picturesque.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Truthfully, it doesn’t really sound like a 5.1 DTS track but it’s still solid.

Extras: Acorn TV trailers, a half-hour extra titled “It’s Always Sunny In Portwenn” that contains interviews, discussions about Portwenn, set footage, character discussions, and more, an extra titled “Script To Screen” that covers the series 8 stories and production, pieces on “Production Design And Sets” and “Filming and Editing,” a featurette on “The Fans” that show up during production, a featurette about the dog in this series titled “Dog Martin,” a bonus feature titled “Martin and Louisa” that explores their relationship, an extra about the offscreen friendship between “Martin Clunes And Caroline Quentin” as well as their onscreen reunion, an extra about the characters of “Bert and Al,” a spotlight on actress “Dame Eileen Atkins,” and last, but not least a featurette devoted to the actresses “Selina Cadell and Sigourney Weaver”

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