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Blood Money Blu-ray Review

Blood Money

“Blood Money” isn’t worth your money.

What’s meant to be a fun weekend in the wilderness among 3 friends (Lynn, Victor and Jeff) turns into a veritable hell. For starters, the friends are haven’t much fun together. There’s tension between all of them as Victor still has feelings for Lynn while Lynn is secretly seeing Jeff. Matters get worse when they run into a mysterious man (Miller) who is looking for something. We soon discover that Miller is a criminal who is looking for bags containing 8 million dollars. Alas, the 3 friends have already discovered the money and, well, you get the drill.

Over the years, there have been several memorable movies about finding money and or greed such as the underrated “A Simple Plan.” “Blood Money” is not one of those memorable movies. This is one of those generic thrillers with moronic and unsympathetic characters that essentially writes itself. About the only interesting angle of this whole movie is that one such main character ends up being more insane than the criminal. Unfortunately, this plotline was poorly executed mostly due to the fact that the character is an insufferable idiot.

What’s really baffling here is that the talented director Lucky McKee is strangely helming this movie. It’s a real mystery with this respected director (who has done cult classics like “May” and “Red”) is tackling this material. It seems so beneath his talents.

Speaking of wasted talent, there’s the cast comprised of Ellar Coltrane (“Boyhood”), Willa Fitzgerald (“Scream: The Series”) and John Cusack. Coltrane doesn’t have enough of a character to work, Willa Fitzgerald is over-the-top and unconvincing (although the writing is also to blame) and Cusack is once again slumming it here as possibly the least engaged villain ever put to screen.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? The exterior shots shine but the barely visible interior shots near the end of the film are rough to watch. Granted, most of that blame lies on the cinematography and lighting, but not even the HD quality can save it.

Presentation: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The track is fine, but a bit soft.

Extras: Digital copy, Lionsgate trailers, and a featuretted titled “Blood Money Uncovered” which contains set footage, interviews, plot and character discussions, etc.

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