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Splatoon Volume 1 Manga Review


The “Splatoon” will appeal to fans of the video game series.

For those that can’t get enough of the hit Nintendo video game series “Splatoon,” you’ll be happy to know that Viz Media is releasing a “Splatoon” manga series written and illustrated by Sankichi Hinodeya. The series in set in Inkopolis and focusses on the Corocoro Cup which will determine the Turf War winner (which is a sort of paintball esque game). The series revolves around a group of unpredictable goofball inklings (squids that turn into humanoids) which make up Team Blue. The team is comprised of Goggles, Headphones, Bobble Hat and Specs. In each chapter, Team Blue faces off against another team such as Team Yellow-Green, Army’s Team Orange, Team Green, Team Pink, and Team Yellow. The manga concludes with an “Inkling Almanac” which contains character profiles and factoids.

Given that “Splatoon” is such a visual and colorful video game series, it’s odd that it has been given a B&W manga series. I know that manga is traditionally black and white, but there have been color manga series in the past. “Splatoon” definitely should have been in color as it would have benefited from it greatly.

The series itself is pretty much what you’d expect if you are familiar with the games. It’s very jokey, one note, repetitive, and filled with various weapons firing. Clearly, it’s aimed at fans of the video games as well as a younger demographic and that’s perfectly OK. Just don’t expect much depth here aside from the losers learning something about how they lost.

The art here is a little peculiar. The characters themselves are very detailed and well drawn, but the depiction of the action is a bit iffy. Honestly, it comes off as a bit of a jumbled mess since there are so many panels per page. This series would have been more interesting with bigger panels that show off the scope of the Turf Wars.

Overall Thoughts: Honestly, this manga makes me just want to play game although maybe that is the intention as this is a tie-in release.

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