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Glory (2016) DVD Review


“Glory” (2016) is a compelling film.

In 2016’s “Glory,” the story revolves around a quiet, poor, stuttering, honest railroad linesman (Tzanko) who discovers a ton of cash on a railroad track. He immediately reports it to the authorities and is awarded for his good deed. Unfortunately, Tzanko’s good deed winds up causing much misery for him as he is not only disrespected by the corrupt Ministry of Transport, but finds that his prized Glory watch (which was given to him by his father) is lost by the Ministry of Transport’s PR woman Julie. Speaking of Julie, she is the other main character in this film. She’s a work obsessed PR woman who is constantly on the phone. She’s entirely self-absorbed and is trying to have a child with her significant other. Tzanko and Julie’s lives soon become intertwined and not in a good way.

The words “Capra esque” have been used to describe “Glory,” but that’s rather misleading. While it may start out as such, this movie has a much darker edge as it digs into themes of class, morality, and corruption. One might say it’s a little too dark when the questionable ending rolls around, but ultimately, the “what goes around comes around” nature of the story does feel a bit fitting. At any rate, “Glory” still succeeds as a simple and poignant character piece about two people from two different worlds. Obviously, there’s more going on than just that, but I’m not here to spoil the events that unfold in the film.

What really elevates “Glory” is the acting by Stefan Denolyubov (Tzanko) and Margita Gosheva (Julia). Both performances feel entirely natural, realistic, and above all, convincing. The fact that the film is shot in an almost documentary esque style only makes the acting seem even more grounded and down to Earth.


Presentation: 1.85:1. How does it look? This DVD boasts a crisp transfer of the film.

Audio Track: Belgian 5.1 Surround. How does it sound? The track is soft but it does the job.

Extras: Film Movement trailers and the touching Academy Award winning short film titled “Helium” about an ill boy and a janitor.

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