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J.D.’s Revenge Blu-ray Review


“J.D.’s Revenge” never lives up to the premise.

“J.D.’s Revenge” begins in the early 1940’s in New Orleans where we see a hustler/criminal named J.D. and his sister being murdered. The film then jumps to present day (which in this case was the late 70’s) where we follow Isaac (a cab driver/law student). After going out to a club to see a hypnotist, Isaac becomes a participant in the show and becomes hypnotized AND possessed by the spirit of the deceased J.D. From there on out, we see Isaac struggle with his newfound body possessor (J.D.) who is looking to get revenge against his sister’s murderer.

On paper, a supernatural blaxploitation sounds like fun, but, unfortunately, “J.D.’s Revenge” does little with the concept it presents. For a majority of the runtime, viewers have to bear witness to endless repeats of the same flashbacks, lots of scenes of characters wandering around, Isaac struggling with his possession, and Isaac/J.D. acting violent and odd. It’s all very repetitious and one-note not to mention uncomfortably unpleasant at times with its numerous scenes of violence towards women.

Production wise, this is a very low budget movie that lacks visual flair. It often looks and plays like a soap opera and or a TV movie.

In terms of the cast, expect to see a lot of supremely over-the-top acting by stars David McKnight (J.D.) and Glynn Turman (Isaac). Only Louis Gossett Jr. (the Reverend) and Joan Pringle (Christella) give solid performances here.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? A grainy, but decent transfer.

Audio Track: 1.0 Mono. How does it sound? It sounds like a low quality Mono track. Make of that as you will.

Extras: A booklet featuring credits, photos, an essay by film critic Kim Newman, “J.D.’s Revenge” trailer, 2 radio spots, an Arthur Marks trailer reel, still gallery, an audio interview with David McKnight who played J.D. Walker presented over images and footage, and a 46 minute making of documentary titled “The Killing Floor” that features interviews, stories about the project and more.

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