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Sophia Loren Book Review


“Sophia Loren” is a loving tribute to the legendary actress.

Written by film historian Cindy De La Hoz, the TCM presented “Sophia Loren” is an all-encompassing book that celebrates the life and career of the titular famed glamorous Italian movie star. Simply put, it’s more than just a standard biography.

The first 83 pages of this hardcover release are the traditional bio portion that offer up tons of dazzling photos and posters as well as a plethora of information about Loren growing up in Naples, how she got into the movie biz, how director Vittorio De Sica changed her career, her transition into American cinema, her relationship with Carlo Ponti (and her eventual family with him), her accolades and film career and more. Most of the book, however, is refreshingly devoted to her filmography. Most artist specific books merely mention their works in passing or describe behind-the-scenes events of them. In this, everything from “Two Women” to “Man of La Mancha” gets the spotlight it richly deserves which was greatly appreciated. I wish more books in this vein would follow suit. Not only does it help the reader out by providing more context about a film they may or may not be familiar with, but it also offers up details about possible films to seek out and watch.

Despite the fact that most of her films never really became a household name, Sophia Loren the actress was a true International movie star of the Golden Age of Hollywood and beyond. Writer Cindy De La Hoz has crafted a loving tribute here to both her work and legacy as an actress and Hollywood icon. If you want to learn more about who she is as a person, you get that here. If you’re of a younger age and want to know more about her film career and stardom, you get to learn about that here. If you’re a longtime fan who wants to see rare pics and even a fascinating photo-romance comic magazine spread, you get that here as well. There’s something for everyone here.

Note: This book also includes quotes from Hollywood filmmakers and actors such as the aforementioned Vittorio De Sica (as well as quote sources), photo credits, and an index.

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