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First Strike Issue 5 Comic Book Review


The fifth issue of “First Strike” only comes alive at the end.

In the fifth of sixth issues of the IDW/Hasbro comic series “First Strike,” Optimus and a few allies decide to commit treason in order to break out Scarlett and the Joes. The reason? Optimus feels it is the right thing to do because Scarlett knows how to get to (and stop) Baron Ironblood. Upon learning of these actions, Starscream makes a decision about what to do.

If you’ve been following the series thus far, you know what to expect from writers Mairghread Scott and David A. Rodriguez’s mini-series. There’s a lot of overwritten exposition, characters overstating the obvious constantly, a few action set pieces, characters trying to track down Baron Ironblood and his evil allies, and that’s about it. The Hasbro crossover series hasn’t been the epic that it is being promoted as. It almost feels like this drawn out mini-series is just going through the motions at this point as it bides its time until the final issue. Speaking of which, the final few pages are the only redeeming element here story wise as they tease the moment we have been waiting for the entire mini-series. Will issue 6 pay off? Time will tell on that.

Equally unsurprising here is the fact that artist Max Dunbar’s work is far and away better than the story he is being given to work with. His art frequently manages to make you forget you are reading mundane dialogue.

The comic comes with the standard bonuses: “The Origins Of Evil Part 5: One Unholy Machine” (a Baron Ironblood and Kreiger centric story) and IDW Comic ads.

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