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Star Wars Adventures Issue 3 Comic Book Review


The third issue of “Star Wars Adventures” is very much aimed at a younger audience.

With the 2 part Rey story arc over, a new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” era story has begun titled “Pest Control.” The Landry Q. Walker scripted story involves a purple alien creature running loose on board The Finalizer. A certain stormtrooper (FN-2187 AKA Finn) has to chase it down and avoid being caught by the likes of Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren. Again, I don’t know why all of the stories aren’t part of the Tales From Wild Space anthology format, but what can you do? At any rate, this is a very fluffy and comedic story with a very cartoony art style by Eric Jones (although he does capture the characters fairly well). There’s not much depth to it, but younger “Star Wars” fans may enjoy the silly tale.

The second story is titled “Tales From Wild Space: Adventures In Wookiee-Sitting” by writers Shannon Eric Denton and K-2SO himself Alan Tudyk. In this short story, Cassian is off on a raid while K-2SO is tasked with babysitting 3 Wookiee children. It’s a very cutesy story with a simple message, but it’s always nice to see more stories involving “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” characters. Artist Arianna Florean perfectly complements the lighthearted story with a colorful art style.

Last, but not least there’s a “Dispatches From Wild Space” segment that spotlights the character of Captain Phasma, a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads are also included in this issue.

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