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First Strike Issue 4 Comic Book Review


The fourth issue of “First Strike” provides some much needed character moments.

At the beginning of issue 4, Baron Ironblood and his allies continue to carry out their fiendish plot underground. Elsewhere on Cybertron, Scarlett (and the humans) are on trial by the Cybertronian council. Scarlett warns them about Baron Ironblood, but the bots don’t take her advice and are once again attacked by the villainous invaders.

For the first 3 issues of the epic IDW/Hasbro event series “First Strike,” it was largely an action oriented story. In the fourth issue, however, writers Mairghread Scott and David A. Rodriguez give readers a breather and allow for some characterization and story to seep in. This is especially evident with the scenes between Scarlett and Optimus Prime who have a nice heart to heart that shows readers how personal this mission is for Scarlett. On top of that, we also get some character moments with Baron Ironblood and the Cybertronian council.

Once again, artist Max Dunbar crushes it here. The character designs and panel layouts are first rate. Whether he’s showing off an action shot or framing up conversation, he makes everything come to life.

Note: The issue contains some bonus goodies such as a cover art gallery, a checklist for this event series, an interview with writers John Barber, Christos Gage and Aubrey Sitterson and the latest installment of the prequel story “The Origins Of Evil Part 4: Hitting The Big Time” which contains to show how and why Baron Ironblood, Miles Mayhem, Shazarella and others ganged up together.

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