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Star Wars Adventures Issue 1 Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures” is off to a promising start.

A new non Marvel “Star Wars” comic book? As strange as it sounds, that is precisely what “Star Wars Adventures is.” IDW is handling this particular title which is aimed at a younger audience. For those that aren’t aware, “Star Wars Adventures” is a new anthological series containing short stories. The debut issue kicks off with “Better The Devil You Know Part 1” which is written by Cavan Scott and drawn by Derek Charm. The Jakku set story focuses on Rey’s scavenging adventures before leading to a plot involving Unkar Plutt being kidnapped by a droid seeking Zool Zendiat. Meanwhile on Niima Outpost, a new boss (Krynodd) has moved into Unkar’s old position. The second story is writer Cavan Scott and artist Jon Sammariva’s piece titled “Tales From Wild Space: “Stop, Thief!” The story begins on board the starship The Star Herald where we are introduced to the crew comprised of Crater, Noni, Boo and Emil. Emil tells a story that involves Dexter Jettster, Obi-Wan Kenobi and a thief. To say anything more would be spoiling the story. The issue includes with a written piece titled “Dispatches From Wild Space” which is essentially a journal of Emil (a Wild Space explorer) who collects stories and tells them. There are also some factoids about his ship The Star Herald. As per usual, there is a cover gallery, cover variants and IDW comic ads as well.

Content wise, “Star Wars Adventures” does the job in telling small, but exciting stories from different eras of the “Star Wars” universe. Personally, I am thrilled to read more “Star Wars” anthology stories as I think it is a perfect medium for the world as evidenced by past books and comics such as the “Tales Of” series and “Star Wars Tales.” It allows the writers and artists to tackle all kinds of characters and stories instead of being limited to just one. In this first issue, we get a little bit of new with Rey and company as well as some prequel era action between Obi and Dex. With both stories, it’s clear writer Cav Scott is a fan here as he delivers everything from some moments with the mysterious Constable Zuvio (the biggest pegwarmer possibly ever) and the previously hinted at dynamic between Obi and Dex. It all leaves you wanting more in a good way.

Art wise, both Derek Charm and Jon Sammariva deliver stylized, cartoony, colorful but distinct looking stories. The artwork reminds me a lot of some of the “Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures” comics from Dark Horse which makes sense given that both are aimed at a younger demo.

The only puzzling thing about this comic is the odd structure. Obviously, “Tales From Wild Space: “Stop, Thief!” has a wrap-around story with Emil and his crew before being followed by a written blurb about them, but the Rey story does not. If you’re going to make an anthology series that presumably has Emil’s stories, shouldn’t every story have the Emil wrap-around? It just feels strange that they are separate.

Overall Thoughts: Weird structure aside, I am on board for more “Star Wars Adventures.”

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