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Ghostbusters 101 Issue 6 Comic Book Review


“Ghostbusters 101” goes out with a whimper.

In the sixth and final issue of the “Ghostbusters 101” event mini-series, writer Erik Burnham offers up even more of the same. Once again, the two Ghostbusters teams (Peter Ray, Egon, Winston and Abby, Erin, Jillian and Patty) team up with colleagues and class students (AKA cadets) to neutralize the energy from the ley lines, stop the dimensions from colliding and save the worlds.

One might expect the finale of “Ghostbusters 101” to be epic and action packed, but it is sadly as anti-climactic as it gets. From the first issue to the last, Erik Burnham completely drops the ball in creating a compelling crossover comic book series that features the two Ghostbusters teams. In issue 6 (and the entire series for that matter) there’s very little action here, the new cadet characters are entirely underdeveloped (although they finally get to do SOMETHING in this final issue), virtually every character is underserviced aside from Jillian Holtzmann (Burnham should have just made a one-shot about her), and, worst of all, the issues are plagued by endless exposition. Just in case you didn’t pick up what was going on plot wise before, Burnham explains and re-explains things in the most boring manner possible in this final issue. The fact that this is still going on at the end is mind-blowing to me. The fact that it takes precedence over action and events is even more mind boggling.

As with the past issues, there are some amusing moments although they are few and far between. Holtzmann talking to her other world self and Holtzmann introducing her mentor will easily the highlights story wise. In terms of the overall highlights, artist Dan Schoening deserves all the credit in the world for trying to make the story readable. His animation esque stylized art was the only thing this series had going for it.

Note: The comic concludes with the last class folder as well as some IDW comic ads.

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