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Union Furnace Blu-ray Review


“Union Furnace” is nothing you haven’t seen before.

In the horror-thriller “Union Furnace,” a small time, small town criminal named Cody gets an invite from a wealthy mysterious stranger to an underground event. The event is comprised of 7 games with 8 people hoping to win big. With each game, one contestant is eliminated until a single winner is left standing to get a major cash prize. The series of games are bet on by a live crowd of masked people. At first, it seems like the games are normal as it starts off with a board game. Alas, that is not the case. Not only do the games become more difficult, but it soon becomes apparent that the consequences of losing are high.

If the premise of “Union Furnace” sounds familiar that’s because it’s basically a combination of superior films such as “13,” “The Purge,” and “Cheap Thrills.” There’s not an original bone in this movie’s body unless you count the out of the blue character backstory involving emus (don’t ask). As if the lack of originality wasn’t enough, the movie is just downright predictable, unpleasant, ugly, sexist and grungy even if that is the point.

The greatest flaw of “Union Furnace,” however, is what isn’t shown. There’s so much offscreen action, a lack of lead up to scenes, very little characterization, an absence of character reactions, and so on. Good films are supposed to show not tell. You can’t just entirely leave things to the imagination. You have to earn that.

The only extras are a teaser and theatrical trailer for “Union Furnace,” color bars and an 18 minute making of featurette that includes film clips, interviews, discussions about how the film got made and the writers’ history, set footage and more.

Note: I reviewed a promo copy so I won’t comment on the picture and audio quality.

“Union Furnace” is available on Blu-ray and DVD August 15, 2017.

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