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DuckTales Issue 0 Comic Book Review


“DuckTales” is light and breezy fun.

“DuckTales” issue zero (which is a tie-in to the upcoming animated series) contains two stories written by Joe Caramanga. The first story titled “Big Trouble At Little Lake” finds Donald Duck giving tours of a lake while the ever curious Huey, Dewey and Louie want to go off exploring on their own. The second story dubbed “The Repeating Revenge Of The Screaming Duck” sees Huey, Dewey, Louie meeting a movie director at a mountain hotel that Donald is fixing up.

As we all wait for the resurrection of “DuckTales” on the small screen, Disney Comics and IDW have teamed up to tide fans over with the release of a new comic series. While this debut issue isn’t likely to wow anyone, it’s an enjoyable enough read. The first story (“Big Trouble At Little Lake”) starts off promising enough as it contains a know it all marine biologist character and an island, but it ends with a whimper due to its rushed conclusion. Despite a weird story set-up, story two (“The Repeating Revenge of the Screaming Duck”) fares much better with a fun and clever tale that makes good use of Donald Duck all while paying homage to cinema. Once again, however, the ending is a little too abrupt.

Art wise, Paolo Campinoti (who does the art for story one) and Gianfranco Florio (the artist for story two) both knock it out of the park here. Both artists create panels that make you feel you are essentially looking at the animated series in comic book form. That’s exactly how these licensed comics should be.

Last, but not least the comic ends with Disney Comics update, an interview with Stan Sakai, as well as comic ads.

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