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Game Changers DVD Review

Game Changers

“Game Changers” lacks focus.

As kids, Bryan and Scott not only loved card and video games like “Halo” and “Magic: The Gathering,” but they were also really good at them. They were so good, in fact, they spent several years as pro gamers. Now, in their adulthood, the two friends still love games, but now they are working as computer techs. Scott seems content with his job and is looking to move on with his life (and perhaps find love), but Bryan is grouchy and unhappy with things and wants to return to pro gaming. In an effort to do so, he recruits the help of Scott and other friends in order to do so. Unfortunately, Bryan’s selfish ambitions wind up hurting everyone around him including himself.

As a geeky guy myself, I am quite fond of geek centric films ala “Free Enterprise,” “Fanboys,” and “The King of Kong,” so naturally, I thought “Game Changers” would be right up my alley as it was about gamers. Unfortunately, the indie movie never quite connects. Writer/director Rob Imbs is clearly trying to make a personal film about responsibilities, friendship, change, and the past, but it quickly becomes clumsy and tonally overly melodramatic and suffers from its own ambitions. While the central storyline about two friends trying to lead their own lives is poignant enough, it’s often overshadowed by subplots most notably the storyline involving the company Bryan and Scott work for. It takes up for too much screentime and detracts from the movie. More time should have been spent on the rushed ending where one such character’s “redemption” feels entirely forced and unearned.

Another major issue here is that “Game Changers” is a rather low rent movie. Looking and feeling like a DIY film isn’t a bad thing if the movie works, but the lack of production values and wooden acting definitely hurts the movie overall here. The only actor who really comes across as natural here is Jacob Albarella who plays the good natured Scott. Brian Bernys does a commendable job playing Bryan, but the fact that his character is so aggressively unlikable to the point of being irredeemable (even if that is the point) is another critical mistake “Game Changers” makes. Yes, we understand his drive and frustrations, but he acts so inhuman for 98% of the movie that you have to wonder why anyone would still be around him.

“Game Changers” is presented in 1.33:1 with a Stereo track.

No extras have been included.

Overall Thoughts: I really wanted to like “Game Changers” but the flaws outweigh the positive elements.

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