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Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run Book Review


“Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run” is a simple, but charming story.

Written by Drew Daywalt, “Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run” is an illustrated children’s book told from the POV of the fan favorite droid character BB-8. The Jakku centric tale takes place between the time Poe Dameron told BB-8 to run to deliver the map to the Resistance to the point where the droid first meets Rey and his real journey begins. In this time period, we find the rolling droid helping others and encountering trouble with Teedo (I’m being vague here on purpose).

“Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run” is a cutesy story about a lovable droid aimed at a younger audience and there’s nothing wrong with that as every age group deserves to have their own “Star Wars” story. Besides, there’s something here for everyone. Kids will love the BB-8 antics and illustrations (I’ll get to that in a bit) while adults reading this to their children will appreciate the heartfelt plot about helping others and karma and the appearance of familiar faces from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

As for the art by Matt Myers, his hand painted drawings are positively exquisite. They really capture the look and feel of Jakku and its inhabitants. BB-8 look so good that the droid also seems to roll off the page here (pun intended)

Overall Thoughts: Any child that loves BB-8 will surely get a kick out of this short story.

“Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run” is set to be released on September 1, 2017 (AKA Force Friday).

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