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Transformers: Salvation One-Shot Comic Book Review


“Transformers: Salvation” is made for devoted “Transformers” fans.

“Transformers: Salvation” (not to be confused with “Terminator: Salvation”) is a one-shot comic by writer John Barber. To explain the story in full would be spoiling too much, but I will say it concerns Dinobots defending Cybertron, the villainous Bludgeon using Trypticon for nefarious deeds, Sandstorm on an assignment from Emperor Starscream, and the Spark Field. How it all plays together, you’ll just have to discover for yourself.

A lot of comic books out there attempt to make it easy for anyone to pick up and discover what is going on without getting lost. “Transformers: Salvation” is not one of those comics. Unless you’re a die hard “Transformers” fan with a deep knowledge of the mythology, this one-shot story will likely come off as a muddled mess with the constant time jumps, the rather large ensemble cast of characters, the different POVs, and the rather large number of terms and jargon in the “Transformers.” Even as a casual fan, I had a hard time trying to follow the comic initially. The story does come into focus later (for the most part), but the execution of it is uneven at best. It feels like Barber is trying to tell a mini-series worth of story in one issue.

Artist Livio Ramondelli’s artwork is far and away the best part of the issue for me. Between the dark and moody look to the well defined bot characters, fans will no doubt be pleased by the art here (especially that drool worthy full page spread of Trypticon near the beginning).

The issue concludes with an interview with John Barber and Livio Ramondelli, a spotlight on “Home Time: Under The River,” and IDW ads.

Overall Thoughts: Hardcore “Transformers” fans may eat this up, but others may find this to be a muddled tale.


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