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The Wild Wild West Double Feature: The Wild Wild West Revisited and More Wild Wild West DVD Review


Some things should stay finished.

“The Wild Wild West Double Feature” DVD contains the 2 “The Wild Wild West” TV movies titled “The Wild Wild West Revisited” and “More Wild Wild West.” ‘Revisited’ finds a retired Jim West and Artemus Gordon returning to the Secret Service to stop Dr. Michelito Loveless, Jr. (played by an extremely over-the-top Paul Williams) and his fiendish plans involving bombs and replacing politicians with robotic lookalikes. In ‘More,’ Gordon and West come back out of retirement again to stop Albert Paradine (who can turn invisible) from his world domination plot.

Having not grown up on “The Wild Wild West” TV series I don’t have a fondness for this show like some others may have. From what I had seen, the steampunk western was a decent show for its time. The two TV movies from 1979 and 1980, on the other hand, are a chore to get through. There’s probably a reason why no one seems to talk about these films. Despite the undeniably charming chemistry between actors Robert Conrad and Ross Martin, both films are plagued by poor and boring plots, dopey fights, corny music (it’s REALLY bad), and truly awful humor. The attempts at humor in these films are almost unwatchable especially when it comes to the cartoonish villains. To be fair, ‘Revisited’ is the slightly better of the two due its superior production values and standout performances by Conrad and Martin. ‘More’ is essentially more of the same (pun intended) and somehow boasts worse production values. Both actors also look entirely bored in this one and who can blame them?


Presentation: 4:3. How do the films look? ‘Revisited” boasts a crisp transfer while ‘More’ doesn’t look so hot due to seemingly lower production values.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Mono. How do the films sound? Again, ‘Revisited’ sounds impressive while ‘More’ contains a rather passable track.

The only extras are promo spots for both films.

Overall Thoughts: These 2 films reek of a desperate ratings ploy. While it may appeal to some longtime fans of the show, the fans and the show’s stars certainly deserved better than these films. Still, it could be worse. It could be the 1999 movie with Will Smith.


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