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Ghostbusters: Funko Universe One-Shot Comic Book Review


“Ghostbusters: Funko Universe” is a real missed opportunity.

After reading “The X-Files: Funko Universe” comic, I was curious to see what the other one-shots were like so I decided to give “Ghostbusters: Funko Universe” a read. Unlike “The X-Files” comic, this is unfortunately not a collection of short stories but is instead one self-contained story. The story (written by Troy Dye) finds the Ghostbusters investigating paranormal activity at the Natural History Museum Ancient Warriors exhibit. It turns out two of the items have Ninja and Samurai spirits attached. Moreover, if these spirits are reunited with two others (an Archer and Martial Artist) they can conquer the world as they once did in Japan. Naturally, the Ghostbusters (Ray, Winston, Peter, and Egon) have to put a stop to this potential catastrophe.

Despite what the cover suggests, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is not a part of this story. It’s a shame he isn’t as it would have been infinitely more entertaining than what we got. Of all of the clever “Ghostbusters” stories one could tell in this one-shot, I’m not sure why Troy Dye came up with this slapped together piece. Between the dopey dialogue and actions by the Masters (fist bumping and quotes like “Daddy Likes”?) and the struggle to capture the Ghostbusters characters’ voices, this never really felt like a proper Ghostbusters tale. Sure, there are easter eggs and plenty of proton pack action, but so what? Why not play with the universe and characters more instead of telling a bland and predictable tale?

On the plus side, the cartoonish Funko Pop imagery is well displayed by artist Philip Murphy. He tries his best to make the comic seem more lively than it is.

Note: The comic concludes with “Ghostbusters” and IDW comic ads

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