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Bambi: Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review


“Bambi” still holds up after all these years.

“Bambi” is a very simple almost minimalist story revolving around Bambi’s journey in life from a wobbly fawn to an adult. The film takes place in a seemingly peaceful forest filled with animals such as an owl, squirrels, birds, rabbits (including fan favorite character Thumper), skunks, and all manner of animals. We see Bambi adjusting to the world, learning, growing, and, unfortunately, witnessing the horrors and tragedies of life.

At a mere 70 minutes, “Bambi” has a lot to say. Story wise there isn’t a ton going on here, but thematically the movie celebrates nature, animals, life, romance, time, the circle of life while also touching on the unfortunate realities of violence and destruction. It’s really quite a moving story that feels very different from the typical animated Disney fare when you think about it. It’s also safe to say that “Bambi” is possibly the most adult animated Disney film. Anyone who has ever seen the film knows about that one hauntingly sad scene that has undoubtedly traumatized children for decades. Even though it takes place entirely offscreen, it’s a deeply powerful moment that not only stays with you, but feels like something that one would never see in an animated film. In fact, I dare say we haven’t seen anything as daring or raw as that moment in a traditional studio animated film since.

I couldn’t review this film without comment on the animation. It’s hard to believe this film was released in 1942 because the animation looks breathtaking to this very day. The environments in particular are so lifelike and atmospheric. It really draws you into the movie more.

Note: Viewers have the option of playing the film 3 different ways- the original theatrical edition, Disneyview, and “Inside Walt’s Story Meetings: Extended Edition.”


Presentation: 1.33:1 1080p. How does it look? A positively gorgeous transfer. The colors are so crisp and clear that you’d think the film was made yesterday.

Audio Track: 7.1 DTS-HDHR. How does it sound? The film has never sounded this good. The music and dialogue sound much more dynamic here.

* DVD copy.
* Digital copy with bonus content including an animated short, deleted scenes, etc.
* A Tyrus Wong art lithograph
* Disney trailers.
* 2 deleted scenes with an intro by animator Floyd Norman.
* “Bambi Fawn Facts”- Animal factoids.
* “The Bambi Effect”- Stories about Bambi’s groundbreaking character designs, backgrounds, animation, and more.
* “Oswald The Lucky Rabbit: Africa Before Dark”- A silly 6 minute B&W animated short featuring Oswald.
* “Studio Stories: Bambi” contains some fascinating audio and visual archival recordings from Walt Disney.
* Classic bonus features from past releases including 3 deleted scenes, the deleted song “Twitterpated,” “The Making Of Bambi: A Prince Is Born,” “Tricks Of Our Trade,” “Inside The Disney Archives,” “The Old Mill” animated short, “The Golden Age,” and a “Bambi” trailer.

The Anniversary Edition of “Bambi” will be released on Blu-ray June 6, 2017

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