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Star Trek: Boldly Go Issue 6 Comic Book Review


Issue 6 of “Star Trek: Boldly Go” goes back to the roots of TOS.

After the fantastic Jaylah centric fifth issue, the sixth issue goes back to the adventures of Kirk and the ever changing crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour. Fans and readers can expect to see stories and subplots involving Sulu, exploration, possible saboteurs, aliens, and a new phenomenon known as a White Hole. I’ve said too much!

Writer Mike Johnson and artist Tony Shasteen had worked on the previous five issues, but the sixth issue contains a new creative team. Mike Johnson is still listed as a writer but co-writer Ryan Parrott now joins him. On top of that, a new artist has taken over for Shasteen named Chris Mooneyham. So how does this new team fare? It’s a bit mixed to be honest. From a story perspective, the plot is very much an ode to TOS with the exploration of the unknown being a crucial element to this issue. While that may appeal to certain fans, I was expecting something a little more serialized. Something more in line with the first 4 issues. While there are elements here that tie into the first 4 issues (namely the epilogue and the MUCH needed character moments with Sulu), those moments only consistent of a few pages. Perhaps future issues will be more serialized?

As for the art by Chris Mooneyham, it definitely pales in comparison to Shasteen’s. The characters look iffy and the environments, ships, and space panels are rough around the edges to put it nicely.

Note: The comic concludes with an Open Channels piece that takes a look at recent Trek titles and features an interview with Ryan Parrott. IDW comic ads are also included.

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