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Star Trek: Boldly Go Issue 5 Comic Book Review


“Star Trek: Boldly Go” continues to impress with issue 5.

After the 4 issue Borg centric story arc, issue 5 puts the spotlight on the character of Jaylah. Jaylah, if you will recall, was one of the few highlights of “Star Trek Beyond.” As memorable of a character as she was, however, her characterization was rather limited. Thankfully, writer Mike Johnson gets the opportunity to fill in the gaps here with an in depth back story.

I’m hesistant about what to say about this particular issue as it’s best knowing as little as possible, but I will say the story is entirely about Jaylah. We learn about her time stranded on the planet, how she met the villainous Kraal, her family, her childhood, as well as the character’s current whereabouts.

Upon reading issue 5 of “Star Trek: Boldly Go,” I found myself more in tune with my Star Trek fandom than I have been since the 2009 film. Without venturing into spoiler territory, I will say that this Jaylah centric comic is both moving and heartbreaking. It does so much with the character (especially in the fashion the story is told). Once again, this comic made me wonder why we couldn’t get a character centric story like this in the last two films? It’s clear that the new Trek films have a great cast and great characters to mine, but they just don’t do enough with them. Over the course of 5 issues, “Star Trek: Boldly Go” has already done an extraordinary job in developing the characters AND telling stories fans want to see. Perhaps Paramount/Bad Robot should take some tips from Mike Johnson?

Artist Tony Shasteen’s work perfectly compliments Mike Johnson’s story here as it really sets the tone for the emotional tale. A lot of credit should also go to colorist J.D. Mettler as well as he makes everything come alive so to speak.

The extra goodies included in this issue are another segment of Open Channels which contains an interview with letterer Deron Bennett, an “Animal Noir” interview, and the usual IDW comic ads.

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