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Monkey Warriors DVD Review

Monkey Warriors

“Monkey Warriors” is another fascinating nature documentary release.

The “Monkey Warriors” DVD release contains two episodes of the long running Natural World series titled “Monkey Warriors” and “Cheeky Monkey.” “Monkey Warriors” (which is narrated by Jerome Flynn) turns the camera on Hanuman Iangur monkeys in Jodhpur, India as they live amongst humans (more specifically on the rooftops of their homes). Throughout the hour long episode, we see the monkey family dynamics, how they obtain food, the hierarchy, the dangers they face, and the Hindu’s connection to monkeys. “Cheeky Monkey” (superbly narrated by Martin Clunes) is set in Durban, South Africa and revolves around the meddlesome troop of Vervut Monkeys. We see their life in the city, their community, how they can be a menace to humans, how they steal food, and a potential new home for them outside of the city.

It should come as no surprise that both “Monkey Warriors” and “Cheeky Monkey” are exceptional nature documentaries that boast jaw dropping footage. Whether you’re seeing monkeys playing with dogs, monkeys invading homes for food, or an upsetting and violent turn of events near the end of “Monkey Warriors” (I won’t spoil what happens), the footage that has been captured here never ceases to be fascinating. It’s simply worth watching to see the one of a kind look at these animals alone.

Perhaps what is most interesting here is the compare and contrast of these two episodes. Even though they are from different seasons and have no intentional connection, both episodes offer an interesting glimpse at two different cultures. In “Monkey Warriors,” we see how monkeys are respected and accepted whereas in “Cheeky Monkey” they are frequently seen as a nuisance (although there are a number of people who are charmed by them and indeed help them out). Equally interesting is to witness how different these two species of monkey really are. I won’t go into specifics so as to avoid spoilers, but their temperament and lifestyle appears to be radically different.

I received a screener copy so I cannot comment on the video and audio quality.

No extras have been included aside from ads for other BBC titles.


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