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The X-Files: Deviations (2017) Comic Book Review


The 2017 “The X-Files: Deviations” is a missed opportunity.

My journey through the Deviations line of IDW Comics continues with a follow-up to last year’s “The X-Files Deviations.” In this 2017 one-shot, the story proposes “What if Fox Mulder was abducted and has gone missing instead of his sister?” In this particular story, Samantha Mulder is an FBI agent who teams up with Agent Scully to investigate a Park Ranger that is mysteriously killed upon meeting him. From here on out, a whole host of things happen that include an alien conspiracy, the possibility of the existence of clones, the mystery behind the Cigarette Smoking Man, and the introduction of the Lone Gunmen.

With the recently reviewed “Judge Dredd” and “Star Trek” Deviations comics, both stories felt like clever, professional, and respectful tributes to two iconic franchises. With “The X-Files: Deviations” comic, however, everything feels forced. Of all of the stories you could tell in this universe having Samantha Mulder take Fox’s place is a strange one to go with. It would be one thing if writer Amy Chu took that concept and went somewhere with it, but instead, she creates a story that feels like fan fiction. It’s like she simply switched the characters out and retold a story. Worse still, it’s done in an unconvincing fashion as she struggles to capture some of the the characters’ voices as well as the tone of the series.

As for the art by Silvia Califano, it is uneven. While the comic versions of The Lone Gunmen certainly bear a striking resemblance to their on screen counterparts, some of the other characters look a little off.  The environments and backgrounds are also hit-and-miss.

This issue also includes an anatomy of a page (from script to final product), ads for other “The X-Files” titles, and a “Helena Crash” interview.

Overall Thoughts: It’s no mystery that “The X-Files: Deviations” simply isn’t worth your time.

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