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Judge Dredd: Deviations Comic Book Review


“Judge Dredd: Deviations” is a slight one-shot.

After the intriguing “Star Trek: Deviations,” I was compelled to delve into this line of IDW Comics more and so I decided to check out the latest release “Judge Dredd: Deviations.” The story behind this issue is that there was previously a story arc where Judge Dredd was turned into a werewolf but was later cured. Conveniently, this original arc has just been re-released as “Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf.”

Anyway, this new one-shot story ponders what would happen if Dredd stayed a werewolf. That’s really about all I can say about it as revealing anything further would spoil the rather short and straight forward tale. I can say that “Judge Dredd: Deviations” pays tribute to the original story while exploring the Dredd mythology in its own unique way. With all of that said, the story itself feels a bit lackluster. Some of the dialogue is deeply corny, there’s not much in the way of conflict, and it unfolds in a rather predictable manner. It felt like the concept could have been explored more, but I realize there’s only so many pages writer/artist John McCrea had to work with.

Speaking of McCrea’s art, it is quite colorful and vivid. The Dreddwolf and Mega-City One centric panels are particularly well drawn here. Granted, some of the art is a bit rough around the edges at times, but it’s easy to overlook any flaws given that much of the artwork is so striking.

As an added bonus readers also get to a cover art gallery, ads, a “Helene Crash” interview as well as the evolution of a “Judge Dredd: Deviations” page from script to final form.

Overall Thoughts: The story doesn’t add up to much but longtime fans of “Judge Dredd” may admire the “what if?” story.

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