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Star Trek: Deviations Comic Book Review


“Star Trek: Deviations” will please longtime Trek fans.

What if the Romulans made first contact with Earth before the Vulcans? That’s what this “alternate history” story proposes. As we learn through the pages of this one-shot issue of the ongoing IDW Comics Deviations line of comics, the Romulans have enslaved humanity, but some humans are fighting back. More specifically, crew members of “Star Trek: The Next Geneation” including Geordi, Worf, Deanna, Data, and the leader- an eye patch sporting William Riker. The group is trying to break someone out of a camp who may hold answers to key questions they have about a symbol (I’m not spoiling it!).

Right off the bat it’s clear writer Donny Cates has created an intriguing premise to explore. The story pays tribute to past Trek mythology while blending in a fascinating and poignant new alternate timeline storyline. Yes, the script is reminiscent other genre films like “Mad Max,” “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and “Prometheus,” but it’s still fitting for the “Star Trek” universe. On the downside, the script feels like half a story. While the one-shot ends with a “To be continued?” sequel tease, you are left wanting to know more as numerous questions are raised but not answered. Even with the open ending, however, there’s much to chew on here (especially if you’re a Trek enthusiast).

Art wise, Josh Hood nails the character features. He is clearly having fun creating new looks for the iconic TNG characters. The post-apocalyptic esque environments are also noteworthy.

As an added bonus, the comic includes a written piece by Donny Cates about his unique story, an art gallery, page previews of “Star Trek: Boldly Go” (which takes place after “Star Trek Beyond”), the anthology series “Star Trek: Waypoint” and “Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds” and another interview regarding “Helena Crash.”

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