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Highlander: The American Dream Issue 2 Comic Book Review


The second issue of “Highlander: The American Dream” is downright forgettable.

In the second issue of IDW’s “Highlander: The American Dream” comic book series, the story delves further into the Civil War flashback of Connor MacLeod and Osta Vazilek and the villainous immortal John Hooke while also focusing on Connor and Osta in NYC 1985 and Manhattan in the year 1955. That’s about it.

After an engaging start with issue 1, writer Brian Ruckley doesn’t do a whole lot with issue 2. The story here mostly re-establishes what was in issue 1 (ala The Gathering). There’s simply not enough forward movement here which is a real disappointment. Sure, there’s a cliffhanger ending of sorts in the 1955 timeline, but it’s nothing that would make you eager for the third issue.

In the previous issue I wasn’t much of a fan of Andrea Mutti’s art, but it is slightly better here. The NY backdrops in both time periods and the bloody action make an impression, but the the character models are still rather plain looking to say the least.

Note: The issue also includes an interview between Ted Adams and the “Helena Crash” creative team as well as a plethora of IDW ads.

Overall Thoughts: Maybe there can be only one good issue? Hopefully the third issue is a return to form as the second was extremely underwhelming.


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