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One-Punch Man Volume 2 Manga Review


“One-Punch Man” continues to entertain with volume two.

After writer/artist Yusuke Murata’s entertaining first volume of “One-Punch Man,” I was intrigued to read more about the adventures of Saitama and the cyborg Genos. Thankfully, the second volume did not disappoint.

In this manga, the story picks up where volume 1 left off as Saitama and Genos confront the House of Evolution (and its monsters). We quickly learn that the House of Evolution is run by a mad scientist who is interested in human evolution, artificial evolution, a new humanity, and Saitama’s body for research. Saitama and Genos want none of this nonsense and set out to destroy the House. First, however, they must confront an uncontrollable hulking monster known as Carnage Karbuto.

In the second arc (if you want to call it that), Saitama faces off against the idealistic Paradisers (led by Hammerhead) and a sword wielding ninja assassin (Speed-O’-Sound Sonic).

Also included here is a pivotal background story involving the secret to Saitama’s power and a bonus story titled “Brushing Up” which is set in the past and involves Saitama training.

Even though the battles Saitama engages in will always be predictable, “One-Punch Man” continues to grab my attention due to its amusing humor. It’s refreshing to see a series revolve around a hero who really faces no challenges and is instead bothered by minor things like bald villains stealing his style, missing out on deals and anonymity. It really adds a unique dimension to both the main character and the story. I’m invested in Saitama’s journey now and I want to see where the story goes with him.

As for the artwork, it continues to impress. I particularly loved the Carnage Kabuto design and the detailed action panels this time around.

Overall Thoughts: It’s easy to see why “One-Punch Man” has amassed a loyal fanbase. It’s simply a good manga series.

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