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USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage Blu-ray Review

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“USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” does a disservice to the real life story.

“USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” tells the true story of the titular ship which embarked on a secret atomic bomb delivery mission during WWII and was later sunk by a Japanese submarine. The ship’s crew members that managed to survive the attack where then forced to float in shark filled waters where they hope to be rescued. In addition to this harrowing situation, the film also shows some POV scenes of the Japanese submarine crew and also covers some ground post rescue including a trial against Captain McVay.

As many people know, the USS Indianapolis is famous for being referenced in “Jaws.” As others have pointed out, that haunting scene is far more gut wrenching and effective than anything seen in “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.”

While the film is respectful to the events and crew members involved, this incredible true story simply deserved a much better movie than it was given. Virtually everything about this Mario Van Peebles directed film falls flat. There are dramatic clichés abound, the dialogue is frequently lackluster (especially considering the script was rewritten over 200 times according to the featurette), the CGI looks like a cross between a SyFy channel movie and a low budget video game, the score is a joke, there is a severe lack of characterization, the film’s impactful moments lack any sort of impact, the scale is too small for such a big story, and the talented cast (Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Matt Lanter, James Remar, and Thomas Jane) have very little to do. It doesn’t help that the cast is entirely unconvincing in their roles (especially the stiff Nicolas Cage). All of this goes on for 131 minutes too.

The movie does feature two moving moments that include interviews with actual survivors and real life rescue footage featured at the end of the film. That’s all this movie has going for it.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? Like a B+ transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? It could have been stronger, but it does the job.

* Lionsgate trailers
* Digital copy.
* “The Making Of USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage”- A 33 minute featurette that contains film clips, set footage, cast and crew interviews, discussions about the film’s cast, script, and production and more.

Overall Thoughts: There’s a reason this movie bypassed theaters.

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