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Stryker Blu-ray Review

Stryker Bluray.jpg

“Stryker” is a dopey “The Road Warrior” knock-off.

In the 1983 film “Stryker,” the story takes place in a post nuclear holocaust world in which multiple colonies of people strive to find water (which is scarce). It turns out that one colony is camped near a water spring and the villainous Kardis and his minions want to know where it is located. They even go as far as to kidnap a woman (Delha) who knows where it is. Luckily, the movie’s titular hero and his sidekick (Bandit) manage to rescue her. From there on out, Kardis and his forces are on a mission to find the water spring, but Stryker, his brother Trun’s colony, a tribe of Amazon women, and a colony of dwarves come together to face off against them.

Prior to watching this, I had heard that “Stryker” was a “so bad it’s good” gem so naturally I was intrigued to see it. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite come off that way to me. While the film certainly has some weird imagery, bad dialogue, goofy love scenes, and Filipino dwarves dressed like Jawas, the laughs are limited. Mostly this shameless “The Road Warrior” rip-off is just a bad movie with very little characterization, a poorly constructed plot, and a bland leading character in Stryker (played by a lifeless Steve Sandor).

Despite all the flaws, however, “Stryker” still manages to be watchable. Say what you will about the plot and characters, but the movie is loaded with action. Sure, there are many scenes of characters running around in sand and rocky terrain, but there are loads of shoot outs and vehicular sequences to hold your interest. Faint praise I know, but it’s something.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? The picture quality is all over the place. Some shots look pristine while others contain grain, lines, or dirt.

Audio Track: Unspecified. How does it sound? The audio is a little muted and a bit scratchy in parts, but it’s a decent track.

* Commentary by Jim Wynorski, Damon, and Bill (no idea on their last names). No one is attached to this film so the commentary just feels like filler.
* Trailers for “Stryker,” “Wheels of Fire,” “Equalizer 2000,” “The Sisterhood,” and “Dune Warriors.”


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