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2016 World Series Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review


The thrilling 2016 World Series makes its way to home video.

For many people 2016 was a terrible year, but one of the more heartwarming stories of the year was the historic 2016 World Series. As most people know, neither the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians had won the World Series in a long, long time. For the Indians the last victory was in 1948 and for the Cubs it was 1908. In 2016, that all changed for one club. That club was the Chicago Cubs. How did it all happen? Allow me to break it down game by game and disc by disc.

Game 6 of the National League Championship Series saw the Cubs facing off against the Dodgers. It was a tough challenge for the Cubs going against the Dodgers pitching phenom Clayton Kershaw but they made it look easy with a  5 nil victory to advance to the World Series.

The epic 7 game World Series then kicked off. The Indians came out of the gate strong with a convincing 6 nothing victory thanks to the pitching efforts of Corey Kluber and clutch homeruns by Roberto Perez

Game 2 saw the Cubs bounce back with a 5-1 victory led by pitching ace Jake Arietta. The Cubs bats also did well with a total of 9 hits.

In game 3 Cleveland took the series lead 2-1 with a pitching duel on both sides. Coco Crisp eventually won the Indians the game though with a 7th inning RBI.

In game 4 things were looking dour for the Cubs as Indians took a 3-1 series lead with a commanding 7-2 victory

In Games 5 and 6 the Cubs pulled out an incredible comeback to level the series 3-3 with a game five win by the score of 3-2 and a game six victory 9-3 which saw Addison Russell have a whopping 6 RBIs.

In storybook fashion, it all came down to game 7 to decide the victor. Going into the 8th inning, it looked as if the Cubs would win as they were up 6-3. Miraculously, Indians scored 3 more runs to tie it up and eventually send it into extra innings. After a scoreless ninth inning, the drama ratcheted up when the Cubs scored 2 runs to go up 8-6. In a do or die situation, the Indians comeback nearly came to fruition but ultimately they came up short when the game ended in an 8-7 score. The Cubs had finally broken the curse and won the World Series. You can’t ask for a better series.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? A solid transfer that is on par with the hi-def broadcasts.

Audio Tracks: English 2.0 DTS-HD, Cleveland Radio Network, Chicago Radio Network, and Spanish. How do they sound? I have to give props for the 4 audio options, but the tracks themselves are a bit soft. Still, they do the job.

The only real extras are MLB ads and a booklet featuring stats and box scores for each game featured on this set.

Overall Thoughts: If you’re a die hard Cubs who wants to relive the magic or an MLB lover, this set is a no brainer. Yes, the 8 disc set is pricey, but there’s many hours of great MLB entertainment here.

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