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Locke And Key: Small World Comic Book Review


“Locke And Key: Small World” is short, but sweet.

For those that have been missing the “Locke And Key” universe like myself, you’re in luck as a brand new one-shot titled “Locke And Key: Small World” is now hitting shelves. This time around, the story is set in the 1900’s and revolves around the Locke family at that time period in Keyhouse. The father (Chamberlin) gifts his daughter (Mary) the key to a dollhouse which is actually the dollhouse of the Keyhouse. Once the key is entered, the user is able to observe anyone in the house. Chamerlin wanted Mary to use the dollhouse so that she can learn to be more lady like. Alas, the key is misused by Mary’s younger sister Jean and that is where the trouble begins for the household comprised of Jean, Mary, Chamberlin, John, Ian, Fiona and Harland.

Since I consider “Locke And Key” to be one of the best comic book series of all time, it warms my heart to see Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez re-team once again for a new one-shot story. While it may be short and light on plot, it is thrilling to be back in this world again in a different time period. There is so much that can be mined from these characters and I have a feeling we will see more of them in the near future.

One cannot review “Locke And Key” without mentioning the art of Gabriel Rodriguez. From the details on the dollhouse to the giant sized things (not going to spoil them), Rodriguez never ceases to amaze. He complements Hill’s writing so well.

After the conclusion of the story, look for IDW title ads and an interview between publisher Ted Adams and Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Discussions range from Richard Matheson to future “Locke And Key” plans (which sound really exciting by the way).


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