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Star Wars Propaganda Book Review

Star Wars Propaganda Book.jpg

“Star Wars Propaganda” is a goofy release.

Written by Lucasfilm creative executive Pablo Hidalgo, the Harper Design/Disney/Lucasfilm book “Star Wars Propaganda” (AKA “Star Wars Propaganda: A History Of Persuasive Art In The Galaxy”) is an oversized hardcover book (with a slipcover). The “in universe” book covers various political eras of the “Star Wars” universe included the peaceful Republic, the Clone Wars, the Empire’s reign, the Rebellion, and the Resistance v First Order. Each era is accompanied by pro and anti propaganda art pieces by Star Wars universe characters including some we know such as Sabine Wren. Subjects including everything from Pro Trade Federation pieces, Empire recruitments, Pro Republic art, and so forth. The art pieces are accompanied by descriptive blurbs as well. Finally, the book also contains 2 folders at the front and back of the book containing 5 mini posters each.

As much as I love “Star Wars” (they are my favorite films of all time) and appreciate the talent of Lucasfilm guru Pablo Hidalgo, “Star Wars Propaganda” seems like a strange book to release in this rocky political climate. It’s even stranger that it is done as an “in universe” book which always come off as corny to me. Sure, they’re sometimes clever and can educate readers about the universe as a whole, but I can never buy into books that pretend to be like encyclopedias for a fictional universe. They just come off as too phony as they try too hard to be serious. It almost feels like it’s a parody of what exists in the real world. “Star Wars Propaganda” is exactly that.

Even though I acknowledge that propaganda would exist in the SW universe, the book’s greatest sin is that I never bought the fact that the “Star Wars” universe would have propaganda pieces like the pieces featured here. Maybe it’s just the fact that the art here is just modernized pieces all done in a very similar style or maybe it’s because there are groan worthy pictures that depict stuff such as a Count Dooku lecture or a “Love Not Laser Cannons” slogan, but it just feels so far removed from the “Star Wars” universe. It immediately takes me out of it as clichéd as that is to say.

Overall: As a “Star Wars” fan, it pains me to say that I can’t recommend this book at all. Stick with the narrative novels like the brilliant “Catalyst: A Rogue One Story” and skip these oddball in universe books.

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