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Hunter X Hunter Volume 1 Blu-ray Review

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“Hunter X Hunter” doesn’t make much of an impression.

Based on the manga series of the same name, the anime series “Hunter X Hunter” revolves around a young, smart, resourceful, and talented boy (Gon) who wants to be a Hunter like his father. In this universe, hunters are professionals who find creatures, treasure, people, etc. Anyway, as Gon embarks on his quest to become a hunter, he must undergo the lengthy examination process which sees him enduring such tasks as a quiz, running, cooking, climbing, and even fighting.

Throughout the first 13 episodes of the series, Gon meets other hunters in training such as Leorio, Kurapika, Killua and the villainous magician/killer Hisoka. He also encounters creatures (like the Navigators), various examiners, and the Hunters Chairman Netero. Note: The 13th episode is basically a recap of the first 12 eps.

Although the universe the characters inhabit seems full of wonder, “Hunter X Hunter” is let down by an irritating main character in Gon. Gon is a cheery and optimistic character who is on a hero’s quest and he’s completely and utterly boring. It’s hard to invest in the series when you can’t look past how annoying Gon is. The other Hunters aren’t much better. The only real character of interest to this point is the villain Hisoka who steals every scene he is in. Not only is he a great foil for the the core characters, but he’s such a compelling weirdo.

Another crippling issue of “Hunter X Hunter” is the stories. A good portion of the plots involve waiting for exams, training for exams, and fighting. Maybe I’m spoiled by the great TV series era we are currently in the midst of, but I expect and require more depth out of a series (anime or otherwise). We’ve seen this type of series too many times before.

Note: This review is of the limited edition steelbook set that comes with a slipcover.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? The series looks colorful and bright in hi-def. A satisfactory transfer all around.

Audio Tracks: English and Japanese Stereo. How do they sound? The English track is spotty as some voice acting is better than others. The original language Japanese track is definitely the one to go with here.

* 3 postcards.
* A digital download of the “Hunter x Hunter” volume 1 manga.
* Clan opening and ending and English ending credits.
* An art gallery.
* Trailers for other Viz Media titles.
* “Behind The Scenes Interview With English Cast”- 6 minutes of interviews with Erica Mendez and Cristina Vee. They chat about the characters they voice, “Hunter X Hunter,” auditioning, fans, and Hunters.

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