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Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray Review

Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray.jpg

“Star Trek Beyond” is a bottom tier “Star Trek” film.

The Plot: After stopping off at the Yorktown space station, the USS Enterprise is called into action to embark on a rescue mission. Alas, this mission turns out to be a trap by the mysterious and villainous Krall and his crew who after a reliec (the significance of which I won’t reveal here). As you have likely seen in the trailer, the Enterprise is thrashed which leaves the crew of the Enterprise split up, stranded, and or captured on the nearby Planet Altamid. Now, Kirk and company must find a way to regroup, get off Altamid, and stop Krall from carrying out a destructive plan (I’m not revealing that either).

From the opening sequence involving Kirk offering a gift to goofy CGI aliens to the Beastie Boys song plot point, it’s clear something is off about “Star Trek Beyond.” The film (which is scripted by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung) certainly has familiar Trek tropes throughout, but, by and large, it doesn’t feel like Trek. This is especially evident given the fact that director Justin Lin was brought in to helm the latest installment in the franchise. Lin (who is best known for directing numerous “Fast and Furious” films) was obviously hired to create a sci-fi action spectacle and he does just that. The problem is that Trek shouldn’t be an action spectacle filled with a plethora of dizzying action set pieces that become so exhausting that you stop caring about what is happening on screen. Yes, there has been action in every Trek film, but nothing on this level. The action overshadows everything else leaving little breathing room for intimate character moments and poignant themes.

On the subject of the characters, I do have to credit Pegg and Jung for giving every main character a moment to shine even though the film is largely comprised of action. Yes, some material seems out of character here like Kirk and Spock pondering their future in Starfleet, but there are some truly rewarding moments such as the ending which feels even more emotional knowing that Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin are tragically no longer with us. Perhaps the biggest suprirse here is a new character named Jaylah. The scavenger character is not only integral to the story, but she also livens up the story. There’s a lot of potential with her character in the future if we are to see her again.

One character who does not fare so well is Krall who is played by Idris Elba. Elba is certainly not at fault for the character’s shortcomings as he is poorly written by Pegg and Jung. His plan (and his entire character for that matter) doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. At all.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? This is a perfect hi-def transfer. The colors really pop here.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? In a word, dynamic. The action and sound f/x particularly rock the speakers.

* 2 deleted scenes.
* A funny 5 minute gag reel.
* “For Leonard And Anton”- A very moving tribute to the two late actors.
* “Beyond The Darkness”- An all-purpose extra that digs into the talent attached to the project, the script, specific story elements, etc.
* “Enterprise Takedown”- A short featurette on this elaborate sequence.
* “Divided And Conquered”- A look at the various character journeys in the film.
* “A Warped Sense Of Revenge”- An extra centering around the villainous Krall.
* “Trekking In The Desert”- A look at the scenes filmed in Dubai.
* “Exploring Strange New Worlds”- A piece about the production design.
* “New Life, New Civilizations” takes a look at the alien species in this Trek film.

* “To Live Long And Prosper” is about the endurance and poignancy of the “Star Trek” universe.

Overall Thoughts: Having enjoyed “Star Trek” and “Star Trek Into Darkness,” it’s a shame that “Star Trek Beyond” does not service the excellent cast nearly well enough. Hopefully, the fourth installment will cut out the excessive big budget action and go back to basics.

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