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Boiling Point Blu-ray Review

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“Boiling Point” is a strange but compelling Takeshi Kitano film.

In the 1990 “Boiling Point,” the story revolves around a weird gas station attendant/amateur baseball player named Masaki who becomes involved with the yakuza after fighting back against one member. Masaki’s baseball manager Iguchi (a former yakuza who has fits of violence) tries to stick up with him, but the yakuza beat the crap out of him. Wanting to get revenge for Iguchi, Masaki and his pal Kazuo set out to buy a gun. It is here that they meet a crazed gangster (Uehara) in debt. The two proceed to engage on various adventures with the murderous Uehara before the wild conclusion.

For many film buffs, Takeshi Kitano is a beloved filmmaker and actor. He may be best known for starring in “Battle Royale” and “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge,” but there’s so much more to his work than that. While perhaps not one of his best films, “Boiling Point” is a prime example of why Kitano is regarded as a one of a kind filmmaker.

With “Boiling Point,” Kitano takes on directing and acting duties in this oddball tale about baseball, murder, revenge, and violence. For some viewers, it might be a meandering and largely uneventful film with dropped storylines, narrative shifts and an out there ending, but open minded viewers willing to go with the flow might find this to be a rewarding experience. For myself, I admire the unconventional free flowing movie filled with strange humor, interesting long shots, silent moments, open ended scenes, and unique characters (especially the insane Uehara). Granted, the film may have familiar gangster movie moments, but it never feels like your average movie. It feels the work of an underrated visionary artist.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? This is a beautiful hi-def transfer that makes everything from a dusty baseball field to the ocean look picturesque.

Audio Track: Unspecified Japanese Stereo Track With English Subtitles. How does it sound? It’s not the most dynamic track, but it does the job.

* Film Movement Classics trailers and a “Boiling Point” trailer.
* A booklet featuring credits, photos, and an essay by writer/Asian film expert Tom Vick.
* “Okinawa Days: Takeshi’s Second Debut”- This 20 minute featurette contains film clips, cast interviews, discussions about Takeshi Kitano, comedy, and acting, etc.


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