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Astro Zombies Blu-ray Review

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“Astro Zombies” is only worth seeing with RiffTrax.

What is “Astro Zombies” all about? Well, it’s a notoriously bad movie about murders, killer astrozombies, a mad Doctor (Dr. Demarco), CIA agents, and spies who after Demarco. To say anything more would involve me getting a headache so I will decline to elaborate.

If anyone was to ask me what a bad movie looks like, I’d point them to “Astro Zombies.” This isn’t a so bad it’s good movie ala “Manos: The Hands of Fate” either. There’s nothing fun about this slow as a snail movie due to the inept filmmaking, the dull dialogue, and pointless filler scenes (see the endless driving and tedious lab scenes for reference).

About the only positive aspect of the entire movie is the performance by Tura Satana (best known for the cult classic “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”). Her lively presence as a spy is the only thing that will likely keep viewers awake.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it sound? The HD remaster contains flickers, grain, and scratches, but there’s no question the print has been cleaned up. The colors look especially sharp for a 1968 feature film.

Audio Track: Unspecified DTS Track. How does it sound? Very flat. It sounds worse than a Mono track at times.

* The reason I wanted to review this movie wasn’t for the movie itself, it was for the brand new RiffTrax commentary. It does not disappoint. As anyone who has seen this movie knows, it is tough to get through. Thankfully, the RiffTrax trio (Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy) make it all bearable with jokes about 3 Stooges, endless driving scenes, John Carradine, blood exchanges, and more. Some of the best moments involve the gang groaning and screaming about the film’s more painful moments. About the only downside here is that I wish the film’s audio was a bit more audible like in their standard VOD releases. Hopefully, Kino includes more of these exclusive tracks in the near future. All home video releases should come with a RiffTrax commentary!
* Trailers for “Astro Zombies,” “Beware! The Blob,” “Deranged,” and “The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant.”
* A surprisingly enjoyable commentary by director Ted V. Mikels that is better than the film itself. He talks about set stories, behind-the-scenes information, how he did shots by himself, props, the cast,
* A passionate solo commentary by horror film historian Chris Alexander in which he talks about his career, his love of horror cinema, “Astro Zombies,” Ted V. Mikels, and more. There are several moments of silence, but this is a really enjoyable track.

Overall Thoughts: “Astro Zombies” may be bad, but the 3 delightful commentaries are worth picking this disc up for.

Note: The RiffTrax VOD release of “Astro Zombies” is also now available on the RiffTrax website here: http://www.rifftrax.com/astro-zombies


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