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Godzilla In Hell Graphic Novel Review

Godzilla In Hell Graphic Novel

“Godzilla In Hell” is a solid collection of Godzilla tales.

In this graphic novel/trade paperback that collects the 5 issues of the comic book mini-series “Godzilla In Hell,” 5 different writers tackle the concept of what the title suggests.

The first issue of this anthological series sees writer/artist James Stokoe telling a dialogue-free story of Godzilla being cast to hell. While there he faces off against nightmarish entities in a sort of hellish loop. The story is pretty straight forward and sparse, but the distinct art style and tone make up for any shortcomings.

In issue 2, writer/artist Bob Eggleton puts Godzilla in a sort of purgatory test as he faces off against demonic foes (including fan favorite King Ghidorah) in various harsh landscapes. Once again, the story is dialogue-free, but Eggleton essentially narrates the story. The story is similar in a fashion to the first, but far more exciting. Yes, the ending is abrupt, but you won’t care because the art is so good. Speaking of which, this is far and away some of the best artwork featured in ANY IDW Comic. Eggleton’s painted artwork is not only breathtakingly colorful, but it perfectly captures the Kaiju characters. It’s the type of art that you would hang on a wall. It’s worth picking up this collection just for his issue to be honest.

Issue 3 is penned by writers Ulises Farinas and Erick Frietas with the art drawn by Buster Moody. In this outing, Godzilla and Space Godzilla fight in Brazil and destroy each other and the world. After that, Godzilla is sent to afterlife where heaven and hell basically want to recruit Godzilla. Of the 5 stories, this is easily the most intellectual and interesting of the lot as Farinas and Frietas really ponder how Heaven and Hell would react to Godzilla’s presence and what Godzilla would do while there. The surreal, unique and detailed panels by Buster Moody only benefit the story overall.

Writer Brandon Seifert’s story in the fourth issue is tough to describe without getting into spoiler territory, but I will say it involves Godzilla amidst a Kaiju battle. It’s a rather heady tale, but I wish Seifert could have expanded upon his ideas more instead of filling up panels with action. In terms of Ibrahim Moustafa’s art, it is unfortunately the least impressive of the five issues, but he does have a skill at depicting Kaiju battles.

In the final issue of this trade paperback (number 5), writer/artist Dave Watcher closes it out with a spiritual story about Godzilla tromping around a hellish wasteland and encountering red winged bat creatures. Not much happens here story wise, but it is a fitting conclusion from an idealogical perspective.

The trade paperback concludes with a cover art gallery featuring the works of James Stokoe, Sara Richard, Jeff Zornow, Alberto Ponticelli, Ulises Farinas, Matt Frank. I particularly loved the EC Comics inspired cover here. Also, keep your eyes peeled by a written pieced by Bob Eggleton called “Inspirations” which speaks for itself.

Overall Thoughts: “Godzilla In Hell” is a nice departure from the usual batch of stories. It’s worth a read for fans of the King of the Monsters.

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