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Godzilla: Rage Across Time Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Godzilla- Rage Across Time Issue 1.png

“Godzilla: Rage Across Time” is off to a good start.

In issue 1 of the new Godzilla comic book series (“Godzilla: Rage Across Time”), the story begins in Feudal Japan amidst a battle between two warriors (Gorou Suda and Akio). The two warriors are quickly forced to put side their differences to work together, however, when they learn that swarms of Mongols arrive to conquer Japan by controlling and using Gigan and Megalon as weapons. Gorou and Akio embark on a quest to find help in the form of a Kaiju named Yamata No Orochi, but their plan is soon derailed…

Along with the Feudal Japan storyline, Jeremy Robinson’s story also jumps ahead to modern day Japan where we see an Archaeologist (Benjamin) and his assistant (Nikki) who are investigating the defeat of the Mongols.

As a big fan of the Big G, I’m always game for a new Godzilla comic series. It doesn’t hurt that IDW’s Gojira comics have largely been consistently good. Thankfully, “Rage Across Time” continues this trend.

“Godzilla: Rage Across Time” comes off as a refreshing change of pace when compared to other series. I love the concept of following Godzilla and other Kaiju creatures through other time periods instead of focusing on stories set in the last few decades which is what commonly occurs. Granted, there is a subplot set in modern day, but it didn’t take up many panels at all. Most of the panels are devoted to the Feudal Japan time period and, of course, plenty of explosive Kaiju action.

Speaking of the Kaiju action, it has to be said that Matt Frank’s artwork is generally gorgeous here. The Feudal Japan art is done in a particular stylish manner that makes it resemble an ancient scroll. It is certainly visually interesting and the stunning colors by Paul Hanley, Goncalo Lopes and Josh Perez only make it even more appealing.

Overall Thoughts: The first issue of “Godzilla: Rage Across Time” is a flat-out fun read. With issue 2 set to focus on Ancient Greece, I can certainly say I’m on board to read more.

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