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10 Most Anticipated Fall/Winter 2016 TV Series

Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Blu-rayMystery Science Theater 3000- 25th Anniversary Edition DVDThe Flash Season 1 Blu-ray

With the largely uneventful summer TV season about to end, it’s time to look towards the fall and winter releases (of which there are many). While most of the best shows tend to premiere in the spring nowadays, there are still a lot of new and returning shows that will be worth your time. Below I have provided a sampling of the 10 I am most excited about. Of course, there are unlisted shows that could surprise or come out of nowhere (much like “The Night Of” and “Stranger Things” did this summer). Enough of my yammering, on with the list!

  1. Mystery Science Theater 3000- After a 17 year hiatus, one of the greatest TV series of all time returns in the not too distant future on Netflix this fall (la la la).
  1. Luke Cage- The Marvel Netflix series have been a dream come true for many comic book fans and I have no doubt this series will continue to wow fans September 29th cannot come fast enough.
  1. Crisis In Six Scenes- Of all of the new series coming this fall/winter, the Woody Allen Amazon series is easily the most intriguing. A series is new territory for the veteran filmmaker and I’m curious to see what he can do with the medium.
  1. Westworld- If the visual style is any indication, this HBO series remake of the film of the same name could be something special.
  1. Black Mirror- After a near 2 year wait, the double-sized third series of the great technological anthology series is finally set to hit Netflix this October.
  1. CW Superhero Shows (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow)- After two stellar seasons, the third season of “The Flash” should be another winner with the Flashpoint story. The fifth season of “Arrow” looks to be going back to basics with a vigilante focus. The first season of “Supergirl” was hit-and-miss, but with Superman, the crossovers, and Miss Martian, there’s great promise for season 2. Season 1 of “Legends of Tomorrow” was a huge mess, but season 2 looks to right the ship with new characters and the JSA storyline.
  1. Star Wars Rebels- One word: Thrawn.
  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- The inclusion of the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider has me looking forward to the fourth season of the underappreciated ABC Marvel series.
  1. Channel Zero: Candle Cove- Aside from “Battlestar Galactica” and “Caprica,” SyFy Channel doesn’t exactly have the best track record in the last decade, but this horror anthology series has real potential.
  1. Atlanta- The buzz around this Donald Glover starring FX series has been very good. Let’s hope it lives up to it.


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